The World Needs More Canada

May 19, 2011

Walking with a new friend in the Komoka woods, our anthem’s phrase ‘with glowing hearts’ swelled my soul. We greeted Trilliums, frogs on a log with neon green chins and birds that twittered without texting. I felt a Celine Dion, heart thumping, big love for this land.

And.. for our people. I love that you can marry who you love. I love that you won’t be thrown in prison (an immigrant detention centre) if you are seek refuge here. If you have the guts to flee a dictator and answer 773 questions on an immigration form with a flea size font, you have my blessing.

While there are ‘nice’ people everywhere, I love the way Canadians ‘play well with others’. I can talk to strangers and delight in delighting them without anyone thinking ‘she’s nuts’.  They simply think, that lady is nice and kinda funny. Sort of like a skinnier John Candy in a skirt.

Canadians are the nicest people in the world. Now researchers agree. — Canada ranked first, U.S. fourth on the list of the world’s friendliest countries. For a second year in a row, Canada has been ranked the friendliest country in the world, according to a survey conducted by HSBC. Expatriates in over 100 countries were asked to rate their host country in various categories. Forbes then looked at the results of four categories to determine which places were the friendliest: ability to befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating into the community and ease of fitting into the new culture.  Here’s the list:

1. Canada 2. Bermuda    3. South Africa

4. U.S.    5. Australia    6. Spain    7. France

8. U.K.    9. Malaysia     10. Germany

This May 24 weekend, it is your civic duty to have a great time with your old and new friends. Your nation and the world is counting on you.


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