The Royal Brand Aid

April 29, 2011

The Queen, God love her and that daffodil dress, has four children, three divorced. Sure, lots of people have starter husband and wives and few bat an eye. Except, the monarchy is supposed to inspire a nation not fill its tabloids.

Of course Prince Charles got it wrong. The ever-anxious looking dad, that nobody wants as King, didn’t follow his heart. How could he? His father forced him to study subjects he didn’t love at a school where he was tormented, then serve in a military career that wasn’t for him. No wonder he couldn’t stand up at the altar and say Diana is lovely but I prefer a horse.

I hope, like all of us who attend a wedding (my invitation must have got lost in the mail)  that the newlyweds’ love lasts. It looks good: two equally educated friends who’ve been enjoying each others’ company for eight years. He’s handsome and tall and she’s gorgeous. Then there’s the PDAs (public displays of affection). There was not one balcony kiss but two. (Charles wasn’t even going to peck the people’s princess, Diana leaned over and smooched him).

Today, hope reigns and a brand is revived. No gifts please, donate to our charities. Not a big wedding, thanks. No bridal train longer than a train and yes that’s Elton John and his husband up front. And the clincher for me, the sign of a new era were the English Maple trees brought inside Westminster. We are alive and growing, said the trees.

Now, someone tell those newlyweds to do what Diana did not do that fateful night. Use your damn seat belt, please.


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