The Funniest Brand Blunder?

January 26, 2010

Does your organization make sense or does it incense? There I was with a flat tire, pulled into the darkened grocery store parking lot.  Right in front of me, lights aglow was an emergency roadside vehicle.  I slowly whop…whop…whop alongside the pristine white truck with its engine purring. Oh goodie,  CA…

I knock on the tinted window, no answer. Knock on the window again, no answer. (For a second I think what if he’s  jumping someone’s battery in the back?). I call the emergency roadside assistance number. I’ve got a flat tire, you’ve got a truck right beside me. Can you wake him up and get him to help me?

No, that truck is not assigned to changing tires.

What about the man inside the truck? Can he change my tire?


I would have to wait for 40 minutes for the ‘official’ flat tire repair vehicle. Did I say I was in Canada, ccccold Canada?  The guy in the ‘I might look like a knight in shining white armour ’cause my truck is so  pretty’ wakes up (alone), won’t make eye contact and drives away.

Roadside assistance or road side asinine?  The brand forgot its mission which is to give customers’ peace of mind. I felt like giving them a piece of my mind.  When a brand focuses on doing things right instead of doing the right thing – efficiency over effectiveness – they are bound to have brand blunders.

If you have a brand wow or ow, let me know.

PS.  Yes my dad taught me how to change a tire and no I didn’t have a warm enough coat or mitts and yes I started to empty my trunk and get the Honda Barbie wheel and Ken doll jack out and do it myself anyway and no I didn’t finish because I love my fingers. Typing is after all my fall back career.

(c) Louise Karch,


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