The Big Power of a Little

March 29, 2011

Exiting the subway I saw a lump of yellow on the ground. It was attached to a leash and wore a cool vest. You got it: fetish festival. I’m kidding. It was a guide dog: a sweet, yellow lab resting her head on her paws.

Faster than you could say ‘ka-ching’ they had my cash. It was a morning rush hour fundraiser. It worked because of the dog. Plastic dogs wouldn’t have worked. Pictures of dogs wouldn’t have worked. Blind people holding their dogs wouldn’t have worked. A little example worked. I gave, we talked, I stroked the dog (with permission) and left smiling muzzle to toe.

Then I headed to ORC International a global market research firm with an employee engagement division. Account Manager Philip Pringle was addressing HR executives from Siemens, Target, and The Pharmacy Guild to name a few. He too used the big power of a little example.

Philip did a real time survey on the challenges faced by those in the room. He used an Excel document to enter the results which plotted automatically before our eyes. Then he did exactly what employee engagement surveys are designed to do. He facilitated a valuable conversation.

No one likes to be sold  to in a presentation or pushed for donations on the street. What we do like is a connection.


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Louise B. Karch