The Best Book

May 12, 2016

“The best book you’ll ever read is the one you write.”Seth Godin said that. I never knew he meant until I wrote my own book.

1. What you already know is someone’s first step.

2. As you write, you learn twice because you figure out what you know and how to share it. Writing disciplines your thinking and deepens your wisdom.

3. Your completed work leaves a legacy.

4. It’s more doable than ever. If you hate writing you can record your book and have it transcribed. There are many ¬†speech to text function tools. Mac’s have one. You can find it under System Preferences – Dictation and Speech). Or you can purchase a tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

5. You also don’ have to write a book – you could create a comic book. Heh, the US Army teaches their soldiers how to drive tanks that way. You can do a podcast or hold up your phone and create a recording.

6. Own what you know and share it. You’ve figured out the questions, solutions and stories someone needs.

7. Yes, I know it means putting yourself out there and being brave. It means creating content not consuming it, but why are you really here?



Book news coming soon  : )





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