Rave Reviews

It was the best training event we’ve ever had. Dr. Peter Wilk, B.Sc. DDS A wonderful experience! Dr. Barry Stewart, B.Sc., M.Sc., DDS.  Inspirational, Karen Grigg, Office Manager. Just great fun. Full of energy, very enjoyable and full of learning! Louise Schied, Dental Hygienist. 100% of attendees said they would invite Louise back after participating in The Shift Seminar at The Dental Arts Centre

Louise, you were the good one! I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar;  you presented with positive attitude and humour. Your animation, interaction and enthusiasm fully engaged a diverse audience. You even  acknowledged one of our challenging staff member’s comments with patience and tact and moved forward with grace.  I will certainly refer you for future engagements.  Louise, what a pleasure to have met inspirational you! Denise, Support Staff with the Greater Essex District School Board – Professional Development Day. (She didn’t want me to use her last name online but she’s the one with the great hair.)

G’day mate! Down under they said:

All of it. Your entire presentation was useable.  
Mark Bradbeer, Researcher and Educator, Melbourne Australia

Excellent, loved every minute. Very clear, catchy take home messages.
Kate Griffin, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia

Louise, come back for a longer session. Merci beaucoup! Your enthusiasm is infective. Karen Borschmann, NARI, Melbourne, Australia

-Back on North American soil they said:

‘We would invite Louise back.’ 100% of SouthWestern Ontario HR Professionals (yes, everyone handed in their evaluation forms) 

Louise is an enthusiastic, hard-working student; however, she tends to be talkative.
Mrs. D. Zbrovski,  Teacher, Allenby Public School (Grade 3 Report Card)

Excellent presentation and ideas we can work with. Wow! Thank you.
Sandi Pararchuk, HR, Delta Hotels

Thank you for the tools to use with Boards and Volunteers. Very funny too!
ane Hartley, Leadership Lessons for CEOs.

The information I found most useful was the different leadership strategies for CEOs. The entire presentation was motivating. Louise, you are very inspiring!
Sue Cason, McCormick Home, Leadership Lessons for CEOs-Chief Everything Officers.

Who needs Prozac when you have Louise!
Jen Strickland, Retail Solutions Manager, Labatt

Louise generated such a buzz with her celebration keynote ‘Rolling Out The Red Carpet’ (Celebration Keynote) through her staff video interviews before the event that we had 150 more people sign up – an increase of 30%. Staff really enjoyed seeing their colleagues celebrated from the stage. After the event, some Managers used the keynote as a spring board for celebrating teamwork in their department and for goal setting. An added bonus was that Louise enhanced the profile of our department by adding a segment for me to remind staff how we help them with their learning and development.
Lori Nemeth, Manager, Organizational Development & Learning, Fanshawe College

Louise, you are and you were amazing, dynamic and awesome last night. It was especially touching when you spoke to individuals and wove them into your presentation which gave great opportunities for funnies. I was energized, and having talked to a number of people, all expressed that you were the highlight of the event in marking this milestone, our 25th anniversary.
Catherine Stephens, CDP,  LEHC 25th Anniversary Gala – Celebration Keynote.

Louise, you were PHENOMINAL! What an incredible memory. You could have very easily stood at the front and delivered your humorous and endearing messages, but with the portable audio system and your moving all over the place kept your audience soooooooo engaged. Even your bloopers were funny or perhaps they weren’t really bloopers. It was evident that you had researched your subjects well. You really cracked me up with the Nancy (Executive Director Nancy McQuillan) imitation. You rock, girlfriend! It was well worth the price of admission.
Sandy Retzer, Manager Fund Development – VON Middlesex-Elgin Foundation, email received after LEHC 25th Anniversary Celebration Keynote

Louise you are one of the top speakers I’ve ever seen. I was impressed with how much time you took to understand our needs. Your customized presentation was absolutely inspiring.
Dee Cox, Former Head of Learning and Development, Lambton College

Louise, thank you! You really re-energized our team. The positive momentum you began is one that we will now carry out and into our homes as well. You make a difference. If you ever needed me to write a testimonial to the speeches I’ve heard, or why I invited you to present, just let me know.
Amanda Woods, HR Manager, Siskinds The Law Firm, email May 7, 2008

Louise recently spoke to our group on work/life blending. Her sense of humour, engaging stories and intelligent dialogue inspired us all and gave us concrete take-aways. Louise is a warm, down to earth expert in life/work management. I strongly recommend her as a resource.
Nancy Sutherland, Vice President Human Resources, Portfolio Management Group

I don’t think we’ve ever heard a speaker that had your combination of compassion, up-beat energy, and humour. We are still talking about you. ‘Keep Calm and Carry On. Thanks – you are amazing!
Diane Harris, Executive Director, Ingamo Family Homes

Louise, you blew people away. Your use of humour, audience interaction and inspiring examples, from our very own members, made you one of the best speakers we have ever had.
Terri-Lee Higgins, Regional Service Coordinator Haemophilia Ontario

The world is a better place because of the way you share your stories. Your effective format of speaking will help me to remember the tips and techniques. Sonia Chyril, Siskinds The Law Firm

The way you utilize humour, your inspirational stories, and presentations skill is simply compelling. I will use the tools that were presented and apply them to my everyday life. Joel Emrey, IT Professional

– Louise Karch was completely engaging.  She is a model of possible and positive career changes.  Her empathy and her humor were appreciated.-Louise was very entertaining and was the only presentation I sat through completely (so much for a standing ovation) – Louise’s use of  audience participation made participants feel good about themselves and her answering of people’s direct questions was very valuable – If anything I would allot more time for some of the presentations especially Louise’s. Comments compiled by Kathleen Holland, CFP, Financial Advisor, Investors Group

Feedback from your keynote has been extremely positive. The volunteers love you!  They enjoyed very much your message. They found you funny, entertaining. They loved how your reached them no matter where they were in the room. I knew they’d love you and that’s why I wanted you! Thanks
Voicemail I keep saving from the genuinely sweet Julia De Paz, Volunteer Coordinator, Chelsey Park Retirement Community

You were relaxed which put the audience at ease. You were confident and funny. You were the best emcee I’ve seen so far. (I love that Adrian is living in hope of a better emcee somewhere. Adrian is one smart cookie and he made these comments on the phone the day after I emceed the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Now that’s a tough audience. Of course, I asked if I could quote him.L) Adrian Davis, World’s first Sales Scientist and Principal of Whetsone Inc.

Excellent as usual. Really enjoyed your talk. It’s always so uplifting. Rhonda

Louise thank you for your warm inspirational talk. Cathy H.

Fabulous, so funny and memorable! Rhea L. O.

You take the time to make your presentation fit our situation. Thank you. Sharon V.D.

Thank you for the support and enlightenment. Pat B.

You are a great speaker. You exude the fact that you are doing exactly what you are best suited to do. You wake up a part of me that I am glad to have back. Kari H.

Fantastic. Well studied, well put together! Elizabeth L

Great workshop! You always say things that are catchy and we will always remember. Thanks again. Darlene J.

Louise every year you are absolutely fabulous! You remind me us of our gifts and strengths. You remind us to value each others experiences; you remind us how beautiful life can be despite the stress all of us experience. Anita

Your expression, your presentation, your sense of humour was fabulous. Antoinette D.

Louise; you are so amazing. You totally get it. Thank you. Effi M.


The thing with reviews is that you know, the you that I am here writing.  I’ll be honest with you. This is really what people said. The only negative comment I’ve received in the last three years was a woman who felt that she was at a comedy show not a professional event.  I actually took this as high praise because I didn’t think I was that funny.  The same organization invited me back to deliver their AGM keynote.

Here’s the truth, you can’t implement what you can’t remember. I’m make fun of my self (it’s not hard)  so you will remember and then implement a new strategy – that’s how dedicated I am.

Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch