Pick a $ Number

October 10, 2012

“Do you know your optimistic number?” He says this smiling and relaxed. His jacket open, his jeans dark and crisp, small business growth guru Mark LeBlanc is asking the most important question.

Do you know how much revenue you want to generate each month? Regardless of whether you are a for profit or a community service, it’s wise to know your numbers.

For Diane Harris, Executive Director at Ingamo Family Homes it was $12,500. Each day she would ask herself in the morning and afternoon ‘What have I done to achieve my optimistic number?’

Here is where it gets a little whoo whoo. ┬áLast Thursday, Diane Harris got a text message and a donation of, you guessed it $12, 500. Einstein said, “You can live your live as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything as a miracle.”

Miracle or not, knowing what you need to make per month, per week, per day focuses your efforts.

How do you do it? Let me know your process. I’ll happily share your best tactics.

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