Your brand has to be one of a kind not one of many.

Case Study –  From Unknown to Known;  The Story of a Remarkable Vet.

Open up this business card and you can see that Dr. Gabrielle Carter has more degrees behind her name than letters at a scrabble competition. Dr. G is one of Australia’s top animal behaviourists. In fact, she is one of two people in the nation with a graduate degree in animal behaviour who is also a certified specialist. Still, no one knew her. Plus, she didn’t know how to market herself to the masses or the media.

I used the same brand creation process as global V1Ps like Nike, Apple and Dell. V1Ps is my acronym for Values, 1 message, a distinct Personality and a powerful Style. Creating a powerful brand is not rocket science though I think some marketing experts and academics stay up at night trying to make it complicated. I’m an Einstein fan. I like to make the complex simple.

With Dr. Carter, I reviewed feedback from her clients to figure out what her clients loved most. We also defined her V1Ps (values, one message, personality and style). This ensured we created a clarified, simplified and amplified brand. As a result, she knew what she did best, who she served best and she got a killer brand identity.

I also taught her how to market the benefit of what she did with ease. This meant she understood how to describe her benefits more clearly. This made it easier for her to give memorable sound bites to the media and clients.

Outcome: Dr. Carter is doing very well. She’s booked and getting llots of media attention. Plus her only Melbourne competition asked to join her new brand.

If your brand needs a kick in the assets, I’d be happy to talk with you.


Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch