BRAND Identity

Adam named the animals. I name companies (and movies and books and well, your animals if you want. I’ve always wanted to name a dog Taxi.)

Case Study – 30% increase in revenue & 1 million in partnerships

The TDG Group was an orthotics/pedorthics company run by Colin Dombrowski – soon to become Colin D., PhD.

I did a comprehensive brand audit including a review conducted by a panel of doctors who were his primary referral source. After analyzing the feedback, his competition and his current branding, I ran a BRANDstorming session with him and his strategic partners (friends and clients.)

Yes, there was beer and pizza. No, as good as that chilled beer looked, I didn’t indulge.

I led the team through a brand identity process to generate the name Sole Science.  Sole because he works with your feet and science because Colin is one of the few people in North America with a PhD in the area. That was his competitive advantage.

The new identity increased Colin’s income by 30% in six months plus he made over a million in new partnerships¬†– people who wanted to buy into the new brand.

If you need a name to help you stand out, I’d be honoured to help.


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Louise B. Karch