Maximize Your Return on Talent

October 22, 2008

Work is not always a four letter word. On November 2nd I am opening the partners retreat for Davis Martindale, ‘The Accountants with Personality’. What great niche marketing. These bean counters walk their talk with hammers in hand. They built a home for Habitat for Humanity. I’ll bet they measured twice and cut once, unlike myself who cuts once and swears twice. Davis Martindale is one of the few accounting firms where laughter is heard at tax time. They must have a good drug plan.

Books such as Contented Cows and The HR Scorecard cite hundreds of research studies that show companies that treat their people well profoundly outperform the competition on metrics such as market share, innovation, retention and more. Companies that also demonstrate a commitment to the ‘greater good’ get great good out of their employees because they are proud to work their. They’ve got them by the heart and the pocket book.  

Further good news is that ‘Silly-con’ Valley has changed the nature of work and not just because we can wear jeans or play Xbox in the boardroom. Bill Gates’ donation of millions to the United Nations changed the rules. Companies that need creativity for innovation realized working slaves only imagine escape. They relaxed the rules. When Richard Branson of Virgin decides on a new customer offering his team uses five core brand values to say no or go. My favourite, number five, is it must “add a sense of sense of fun or cheekiness.” Bye, bye rules. Is anyone having more fun than Branson? He’s even trying to fly his talk. His gang is researching ‘green’ fuel for his fleet.

Thank goodness some firms get it. L

PS   Davis Martindale – The Accountants with Personality – were nominated for an HR award for 2008.


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Louise B. Karch