Hit a Brand Bullseye with the ‘Ladies’ – Part 2

April 25, 2011

If you want your brand to succeed, take another tip and sip from the ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch.’ The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge winner charmed my palate and buzzed my brain. Their brand does so many things well that I am sharing their best practices so you can build a breakaway brand.

1. Understand the difference between a corporate brand and a personality brand.* Corporate brands include HP, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Ubid, and Bell/Telstra type phone companies. Personality brands include: Apple, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Ebay, Virgin and Ladies who Shoot their Lunch.

Personality brands have an emotional element that makes them likable. They have a character and tone that comes through their messages. Virgin’s recent mobile campaign says “You don’t have to kiss us in the morning.” The Virgin personality is young and sexy.

‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch’ is also a personality brand. A woman walks confidently across the front label and tells her story on the back. She even winks at you from the top of the bottle (easy to see when you open the bottle, less easy to see after the 2nd glass 😉 )

2. Plus, the Ladies do what all great brands do. They have one message; FedEx says The World On Time and Coke says Open Happiness. The Ladies’ slogan or ‘phrase that stays’ is a cheeky challenge: “Are you Game?” The message is an engaging call to action that asks buyers to give it a try. It also serves as a brand manifesto. When the team has to make a marketing decision, they choose brave.

One message: Are you Game?

Look at your brand. Is it a corporate brand or a personality brand? Do you have a message? Does it also act as a brand manifesto?

Raising a glass to your brand. L


Photographs by Stephen Zammit is coming to LCBO this fall. Lucky Canada.

PS. I am indebted to *Mark Huges author of Buzz Marketing for the concept of corporate brand vs. personality brand.


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