Ladies who Shoot their Lunch – Part I

April 9, 2011

Thousands of brand messages bombard us every day. One hit the mark and then won the prize. This is a brand story of guts and glory.

‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch’ was awarded the Great Australian Wine Shiraz Challenge of the Year beating 500 others. It could easily have won the brand prize as well. Here’s why:

Winemakers are playing the name game as if they were inebriated teenagers. “I know, let’s call our elixir ‘Fat Bastard’ or ‘Snake Charmer.’” Sure the names capture your attention on the shelf but the story ends there. Not so for Matt Fowles, CEO, and Sam Plunkett, Chief Winemaker, of Plunkett Fowles. They purposely crafted a wine to complement the distinct texture and intensity of wild game.

Fowles explains: “Ladies who Shoot their Lunch stems from my interest in hunting, wild meat and understanding the provenance of our food. It snowballed into this really heartfelt wonderful brand that my wife Luise and I designed together with Sam Plunkett and his beautiful winemaking.”

Plunkett Fowles claimed a niche that no other winery on the planet served and ended up with a multiple award-winning wine that tastes like no other. The Shiraz has rich aromatics and a soft finish. It is a “make your day” delight nurtured by the Strathbogie Range’s high elevation, daily temperature variations and granite-rich ground.

While every marketing MBA is taught to figure out a brand’s unique value proposition, few brands really have one. Dish soap is dish soap is dish soap. ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch’ created a new category and dominated it with taste. Then…. there is the name. When Fowles and Plunkett were searching for one, they saw a hunting magazine headline that made them laugh.  Marketing experts advised them to go with something safer but the ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch’ team stuck to their guns.

This wine, brand and team are doing so many things right that I will write about them again. Next up…how the ‘Ladies’ illustrate the importance of brand design and personality for marketing success.

PS This wine is coming to Canada’s LCBO this fall.

Designer Luise Fowles with Lily, CEO Matt Fowles and Chief Winemaker Sam Plunkett - Photo by Stephen Zammitt


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