Labour Day – Outstanding Work

September 3, 2012

When Dr. Adam Mattson and practice manager Stephen Mattson decided to open a second dental practice they wanted their brand to stand out. You can probably relate.

Their new practice is in an up and coming neighbourhood with many newcomers who are cost sensitive yet ambitious. They wanted their patients to feel they were always being treated respectfully and being given the information they needed to make wise decisions.  Thus, the name and gorgeous design work by Julia Afflekt.

A good name and design are not enough to make a brand stand out. A brand is not what you say it is, it is what others say it is. I suggested they have a monthly program where clients and staff could nominate people for ‘The Smart Choice Award’.

Awards could be given out to the kid that calls emergency services when a dad has a heart attack, a neighbour starts a community exchange of fruits and vegetables or a teen wins a scholarship. Celebrating the traits of accountability,  action and achievement is smart. It gets people talking about what matters. A brand stands out when it is clear about its values and it brings them to life. I loved branding these guys. Their hearts are in the right place.

Smart Choice Dental is truly welcoming patients now.


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Louise B. Karch