How to Make Your Story Stick.

April 26, 2016

Stories are the original social media. Do you know how to tell yours?

Nick Morgan says there are five story frameworks to tell your tale. He should know. He’s the founder of Public Words and author of top speaking books like Give Your Speech. Change The World and Working The Room.

I made up the acronym QRRLS, like squirrels or curls to help me remember his model. You can create your own story of what QRRLS means to you. Therein lies the magic. We tell ourselves stories to make ideas stick. We tell ourselves stories to do almost everything including decisions about purchases and donations.

What’s your story? Is it a


Rags to Riches,


Love Story, or…

Stranger in a Strange Land  tale?

As I wrote out marketing territories for Nuilife I realised they have a quest story.  That insight is a game changer. Now I how to amplify what’s great about them and how to invite consumers on a journey that matters.

Morgan says all stories, movies, and even marketing campaigns draw upon these five ancient narratives. This insight gives you a another way of making your stories stick.

Tell a better story. Make a bigger difference.



Are you or your business reaching the fullest potential?

If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch