How to Kill Meeting Zombies.

April 21, 2016

I went to a meeting. You’ve been to them.

The kind where people share ideas and others shoot them down like caffeinated hunters at a skeet practice.

PSTD starts to appear:  People Start To Disengage. You’ve heard of abstenteeism.

This is presenteeism. People are present but they become absent. They check out.

It might be why Zoombies are so popular. People cope this way a lot.

There are two ways to avoid PSTD.

  1. Use brain writing. Invite people to generate as many ideas as possible. Have them do this on their own first.  You can use post it notes and cue cards to hold and post ideas. Brainstorming, which is the norm, reduces performance. Less ideas are generated and a few people can sway the group. Plus, the more risk averse, (read fearful) can unintentionally block innovation.
  1. Hold the tension of the opposites. Create a culture that loves and uses a gorgeous three letter word ‘and’. When someone brings up an idea that you think won’t work at first ditch but and however and use ‘and’. I hear your idea for x. How can we do that and be mindful of y? When you hold ideas together innovation has a chance to be born. Not listening with care diminishes the potential of ideas and the presence of those sharing them.

How do you listen up?


(c)2016 Louise Karch


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