Happy New Month!

October 1, 2013

My wife is training for a marathon. This means she can eat whatever she wants. Grrr.

Her PhD was in  gerontology and physiology. She says ‘use it or lose it.’ It makes me want to nap.

Fairy Godmother arrives at Marathon Finish line

Fairy Godmother at Marathon Finish

Still, what I’ve learned from my beloved is that the best form of exercise, my bicep is flexed as I eat my Green and Black’s dark organic chocolate, is the exercise you will do… consistently. Crunch. Crunch. Yum.

Marketing is the same. The best form of marketing is the marketing that you will do… consistently. This is a shiny new month. What two activities can you joyfully do in the next 30 days.

Marketing is supposed to be fun. You can’t get people to come play with you or pay you if you are cranky. Can you give a presentation, share a tiny, valuable newsletter – tiny ’cause people get 100,000 words tossed at them daily, attend a networking event, submit an article or mail out a prezzie to your favourite speaker/consultant /chocoholic? (hint hint)

Happy New Month!

Love L

PS  I’m the fairy.

PPS  For this blog, done is better than perfect. Spot a typo and you could win a consult.


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