Haiti Blink

January 21, 2010

Moments. A bus painted like a party, colourful as Crayola, unmoving as a headstone. Haiti. You were poor before the quake; you are poorer now. As the world rushes in to help and criticize I see that bus, cheerful amongst the ruins. Poor, Black, fought over and ignored in equal measure, I wonder about the photographer who wanted us to see your true spirit, hope in jewel tones, bright, bold, and unmistakably resilient.

Doctors without Borders ( told The Globe and Mail they bought saws in the market for amputations because a plane full of medical supplies was thrice thwarted from landing. Say that three times without painkillers. I take comfort knowing the doctors are there. When I donate to them I am doing it because I want the men and women cutting through bone to know they aren’t alone. I would be as useless as Paris Hilton in their O.R. but I can pick up a phone.

I saw a picture of Craig Keilburger founder of sitting, head tilted forward surrounded by and listening to Haitian children. I am glad he is there. Everyone pulls on heartstrings hoping to open wallets. That’s not what got me. It was a bus, a saw and a Canadian kid who has grown into a compassionate leader. It was good people doing what they do, painting buses, taking pictures, amputating limbs. I haven’t slept all night. Sure it is jet leg but it’s also my heart. I am away from the one I love and that makes me sappily grateful and in moments lost.  If money speaks let mine say thanks.


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Louise B. Karch