Guard Your Brand

July 19, 2011

I took these photos of an Investors Group skyscraper sign. Sometimes it said Investor…oup,  which sounds like oops, not something you want to hear from a financial firm post GFC (Global Financial Crisis).  Sometimes it said ‘Investor soup’ which is funny, sort of.  Buy from us and you get a cauldron of simmering financial advisors.

These pictures remind us of the Microcosm, Macrocosm Rule. The little things you do will be seen as endemic of who you are.

What people want from financial services firms are good returns and no mistakes. What I saw, from an organization whose products I own and whose agents I admire, was inattentiveness writ large.

Your brand is being looked at all the time.  Is your message broken? Is anyone checking? Is it time to appoint some brand guardians?


Photos taken in Hamilton, Canada.


One Response to “Guard Your Brand”

  1. Tiana on October 31st, 2011 5:28 pm

    I see the humour in what you are showing and saying. I agree with it but please back off on the attention to detail thing. How long have the signs been out. The sign company may be superbusy or waiting on the transformer to come in. I’m not a financial company fan but I am a signworker. It may not be the company’s fault unless it has been out for quite some time. Good photos though!

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