Grab Brand Attention

August 16, 2011

Your brand is competing for attention against Coca Cola’s 2.9 billion dollar annual marketing budget. I know you don’t think you are competing against them but you are. You are trying to cut through the cacophony of every marketer’s pitch¬† “Heh, look at me, love me, take me home with you.”

Then there is you. A small brand, a brand that doesn’t contribute to childhood obesity, trying to stand out and do good. Maybe you are the green architect, the honest lawyer, or the little music company. What can you do? You can make your audience gasp and giggle. You can realize¬† it’s the era of emotiononmics. You can be brave and cause a reaction.


Are you or your business reaching the fullest potential?

If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch