Ear Pollution, Not.

June 21, 2011

You have a choice, you know you do.

You can complain, gossip and criticize. You can whinge and whine or you can live. My dad had polio. The older he got the more he broke. Knee cap and toes but never spirit. It wasn’t until eight months after he died that I realized he never complained. NEVER.

Not when he fell and  had to drag himself to the front door while people drove by. Not when his knee turned into a watermelon of purple or when he turned yellow from cancer of the bile duct, which became pancreatic cancer. No. No complaining, not ever.

Here he is building a Muskoka chair with my mom. He was dying. Can you see his wheelchair? Or is it the smiles that you notice?  This is the man whose five last words were ‘Take care and love everyone.”

You have a choice,  build or break down, criticize or create. Live or …



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Louise B. Karch