Competing Against A Big Brand? Try Wit.

July 3, 2012

Toronto Pride equals hot: hot people, temperature and branding. Trojan, the #1 condom company, had male models wearing tight shorts, yellow construction helmets topped with a Roman flourish of red feathers and not much else. They used every tactic in the ‘brand in hand’ street marketing manual: cool booth, hunky models, free products and great photo ops.  Price tag? $20,000+

But what can a small brand with little caché or cash do to compete for attention?  Know your market and be witty.

Toronto Cat Rescue did just that. Their “Saving Pussy” banner made people laugh. When people laugh that good feeling translates into talking, tweeting, blogging  facebooking and now Pinteresting.

Emotions are a fast track to the brain.Price tag: $500. Very good pussy.


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Louise B. Karch