College Educator Development Program PHASE 3

August 1, 2008

Evening Plenary Speaker – Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Louise Karch – The Career Lives of Spies – Lessons from Under the Trench Coat

Come undercover with executive career management strategist Louise Karch, M.Ed. CMP for a dynamic covert career planning operation. Using her ten years of executive career management experience, background as a comic, and drawing upon the work of a former World War II spy, you will learn how to plot a career path that maximizes the use of your favourite skills and how to use your career portfolio to create “brag bites” that enhance your college visibility and career mobility.


Are you or your business reaching the fullest potential?

Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch