How to Build a Movement

July 3, 2011

Some of you build brands to build a better world. Maybe your thing is to rescue Golden Retrievers (that would be my mom’s group – 1600 dogs and counting).  Maybe you want to end child sex slavery ( or maybe you want people to sign their organ donor cards so your sweetie will get a kidney. I know you care about something. How do you get other people to care?

The answer is on this T-shirt. Amnesty International  grabbed my attention with an identity: the lifeguard.  The phrase is a mind twist.  You can save people without needing a Brazilian bikini wax. And, it’s a mind shift. When Amnesty uses ‘lifeguard’ they jolt you from the leisure of the coast line to struggle of the front line.

If you want people to join your movement,  consider using a heroic identity.

Do you know any movements that use an identity? Let me know.

Thanks to George Harvey for letting me photograph his chest while he walks his talk!


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Louise B. Karch