Are You Doing The Work?

A pair of boots walked into Starbucks and I asked their dusty owner if I could take a photo. “They are more like sandals” the young workman said chuckling. “Yes, but they prove you do the work.” Do you? Do you have two strategies that you use each month to put yourself in front of […]

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Way to Grow

He’s a good guy: smiles easily then gently kicks you in the assets. Mark LeBlanc, a preeminent small business growth coach says we have to ask ourselves one question every day, twice. This is your am and pm question: What have I done today to reach my optimistic number? Your optimistic number is your monthly revenue […]

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The Power of the Unexpected

I was born different. Surgeons repaired lip, cleft and left an unexpected gift. We notice what’s different. The brain ignores same same. It yearns for one of a kind. Chip and Dan Heath in Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die say the unexpected grabs our attention. Kevin Allocca, Youtube’s Trend Manager, […]

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The Go Giver

Once upon a time, I was a champion. All the clichés applied. I only trained twice – when I wanted to and when I didn’t. I learned a perfect lesson for those of you building businesses. Celebrate those who make you successful or.. in business terms.. prosper those who prosper you. Figure skating looks like […]

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Competing Against A Big Brand? Try Wit.

Toronto Pride equals hot: hot people, temperature and branding. Trojan, the #1 condom company, had male models wearing tight shorts, yellow construction helmets topped with a Roman flourish of red feathers and not much else. They used every tactic in the ‘brand in hand’ street marketing manual: cool booth, hunky models, free products and great […]

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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch