Look Out!

You have a blind spot. You have one when you are driving, you have one when you are living. For some women, it’s the chin hair that they didn’t notice until it turned into a windmill.For some companies like Kodak, it was the rise of digital cameras that almost bankrupted them. For organisations, it is the concept […]

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How to Kill Meeting Zombies.

I went to a meeting. You’ve been to them. The kind where people share ideas and others shoot them down like caffeinated hunters at a skeet practice. PSTD starts to appear:  People Start To Disengage. You’ve heard of abstenteeism. This is presenteeism. People are present but they become absent. They check out. It might be why […]

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The We Generation

Caring is the new currency. Connecting is the new economy. While some people complain about this generation’s narcissistic sociopathy, a culture of ‘look at me’ particularly online, others are taking action together. This is the We Generation: community gardens to community owned energy companies like Australia’s Enova Energy and Denmark’s citizen owned wind farms. There is a movement […]

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Fear is Trending.

Fear is hot.  Big thinkers are talking about it:  Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Steven Pressfield and every Seth Godin altmba program grad. Why? Knowledge is free. Want to learn something? Ask Google. Want to get money to launch a business? Use Kickstarter or Pozzible. If we are one click away from change, what’s stopping us? Fear.  When […]

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Punch The Shark

Mick Fanning punched a shark during the World Surf League in South Africa. What fear are you fighting? Who can you ask for help?

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Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch