4 Ways Your Company Can Be Badass Valuable

I’m noticing a trend. It’s not the demise of the skinny jean or rise of the wide leg pant.Though as a gal with a wide asset, I’ll take the extra fabric.This is a different bottom line, the quadruple bottom line. The 4P’s are people, profit, planet, and progress.The best and most innovative businesses are succeeding because […]

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Where do you think you are going?

Marketers use matrixes. Techniques whispered in secret from mentor to mentee over a board room table with a bottle of wine after everyone has gone home. This matrix is essentially a thinking a routine –  a way to deepen your understand of your client and even yourself. Ask good questions and you see new possibilities. […]

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How to Make Your Story Stick.

Stories are the original social media. Do you know how to tell yours? Nick Morgan says there are five story frameworks to tell your tale. He should know. He’s the founder of Public Words and author of top speaking books like Give Your Speech. Change The World and Working The Room. I made up the acronym QRRLS, like squirrels or curls to […]

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How to be the most powerful in the room.

People won’t remember how smart you were. Or even exactly what you said. They will remember that you listened. That you held the tension of various opinions until the way became clear. They will remember the future they made together in that moment. They won’t remember it was you. You’ll quietly know you were the […]

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Ya Gotta Have Heart.

It happened in Afghanistan. There are lots of stories that start like this. Some end in body bags. This one doesn’t. Steve’s heart went nuts. I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on television. I can use language like this. Maybe it was  a virus or a toxin or bacteria. We don’t know. […]

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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch