Prove it.

You, your brand, your organization exist to make some sort of change. While some think of big campaigns, maybe it’s worth taking a nano second to think small. Whom did you serve last? What was the encounter like? When that person finished with you what improved for them? More clarity? More peace of mind? Uplifted […]

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The Leaders & Lovers Ratio

The 3:1 ratio is a building capacity approach akin to the consulting practice of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’. Leaders build capacity by pointing out the good where it is warranted then strengthen capacity by pointing out what’s not working as a way to get better. A leader would over the time of a meeting, or training session ensure that their ratio overall is at least 3:1. Framing the negative as a trail maker or growth opportunity on the path to excellence ensures progress. For those of you concerned with your brand’s performance or your relationship’s wellbeing this tool helps you level up.

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Are You Better Than Jim?

Jim’s doing push ups on the mess hall floor. He’s seventy-something. Every other senior is doing wall push ups. Jim knows the ground. He served his country earning trust and respect becoming Major General Barry. He also knows the ground as a life long gymnast. Jim served his sport as an Executive Member of the Australian Olympic Committee (1993 […]

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Over Heard – The Secret Skill of Transformative Leaders

The most powerful phrase I’ve learned is “What I’ve heard you say is…” It deepens connection and builds trust.Where there is conflict it de-escalates it. Especially when  followed by “Did I get that right? Is there more?” When you are able to show that you have heard someone’s story, when you can mirror it back […]

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1 Thing Great Leaders Do

1 Key Question that Great Leaders Ask to Avoid The Toxic Waste of Time & Talent. What went well? What could we do better next time?

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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch