Ritual Success

Today a client got me thinking about rituals and why they matter, a lot. Countries with a strong food culture, like Italy, have stronger families because they have embedded norms or rituals around eating together. Sports Psychologist Mario Faveri says that athletes at the top are pretty much the same physically. What differentiates the champions is […]

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Your Brand is Spider Silk

Brands, your company’s and even your reputation, are made of metaphorical spider silk. Spider silk is the 9th strongest material in the world. It’s tensile, or pull strength, is stronger than diamonds. Sure, we all feel like we are more than that. Our values statements and logos, training and best practices are shields against mediocrity. […]

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The only choice is BRAVE over Blah.

In marketing don’t succumb to the four letter word ‘like’. If everyone likes your name or tagline, chances are it won’t work. Apple does not sound like a technology company. Virgin does not sound like an airline company. Uber doesn’t sound like a platform that turns people into personal drivers. Amazon doesn’t sound like a […]

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Leaving the beach, I spotted a beer bottle and picked it up. Jim looked at me and said, “The standard that you walk by is the standard you keep.” “Say that again” I said. “Where is that expression come from?” “I’ll find out,” he said. We joked about how much garage we pick up along […]

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What Level Are You On?

I just figured out something that could either save you or make you money. I was going to call this model ‘Finding your G-spot’ but I got overruled by my better half. I grew up in a DIY household and realized I created a business model that’s similar. I like teaching people how to fish, […]

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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch