How to Find ‘The Goods’ To Persevere

Problems are the price of progress. Naming the good (what went well and why) shows you, your team and your family that you have ‘the goods’ to make it.

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Great Leaders are Master Storytellers

The best leaders are master storytellers. The one who gets the job: master storyteller. The one who gets the funding: master storyteller. The one who gets invited to dinner: master storyteller. The one who changes the world: master storyteller. How can you tell your story? Don’t tell me. Take me. ¬† Spend 80% of your […]

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Grown Up or Adult? The Grit Test.

I’ve met a lot of adults but not many grown ups. Grown ups have grit. They do the things others aren’t willing to do, over and over. As I face my to do list with a sigh, I am channelling eminent¬†Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth. She says self-discipline matters more than talent and even IQ. I […]

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Your Board of Connectors

The companies and communities that figure out how to provide forums where people can get together, get real and level up – is the “value-add” that matters.

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The Best Book

“The best book you’ll ever read is the one you write.”Seth Godin said that. I never knew he meant until I wrote my own book. 1. What you already know is someone’s first step. 2. As you write, you learn twice because you figure out what you know and how to share it. Writing disciplines […]

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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch