The Divine Miss M

April 16, 2010

Taxes are due in days so like any sane person I donated blood, tomorrow a kidney, right now a blog.

The Canadian Blood Services is doing a survey. “We Value Your Opinion” it says quoting I don’t know whom. Instead of a survey they would be wiser¬† if they came and watched Marianne and then hired more people just like her.

The Divine Miss M arrived at my portable recliner bedside with a full on smile. “I know you are waiting for Hutch but I’ll set you up” she said. Then she bent down to place my blood bag or whatever you call the soon to be full snack sack of vampire juice on to the thingy whatsit on the floor. Only Miss M didn’t bend. She placed one foot forward and one foot back. Head up, she bent her forward knee and maintained a royal, heads up posture throughout her graceful descent. Impressed yet somewhat concerned by her artful lunge, I asked, “Do you have a bad back?”

“No, I’m a diva.” She giggled. I guffawed.

“I’m top heavy” Miss M explained. “If I bend down, I go down”.

I laughed even louder. “I’m bottom heavy” I confessed.

“I love my… ” (Miss M pointed to her derriere).

“I love my assets too” then I paused and added, “girlfriend.” Bonding at the blood bank. I told Marianne “You are the highlight of my day,” and I meant it. The Divine Miss M is a beautiful woman, the kind of beauty that emanates from character. She sparkles at work. In fact, she wears the kind of joy oh joy eye shadow glitter that little kids adore.

Nowhere in the Canadian Blood Services survey am I asked, “Did anyone delight you today? Did anyone give you something to laugh about so you didn’t think about being pricked to death with a needle the size of Lady GaGa’s stiletto?”

Workplaces used to complain about absenteeism. Now they complain about presenteeism: people turn up but they are absent. They quit but they stay. We create measures for workplace performance such as did the receptionist say thank you for donating blood, yes or no? But we forget that while it’s important to measure what matters not all that matters can be measured.

If we don’t create ways of noticing the exceptional we won’t appreciate it, reward it or replicate it. I loathe giving blood. Anyone who makes it joyful deserves recognition. Marianne, this is for you, your boss and anyone who chooses NOT to leave their heart at home when they head out for work.¬† Glitter on girlfriend.

Find your exceptional people then watch, listen and learn. No survey will teach you what you could learn in seven minutes watching a star.

PS – turns out The Miss M’s boss found this blog and showed it to her. Now that’s sweet.


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