What the L?

Louise Karch, BA, M.Ed., CMP,  is a consultant and speaker who provides branding and marketing  advice to professionals for business growth.

Whereas other consultants often deliver little more than “schlock and awe”, Louise, a cross between a Harvard prof and Bette Midler in sensible shoes — a little bit Ivy League and a little bit fun — ensures your brand breaks out instead of blending in.

Louise advises accountants, architects, consultants, dentists, lawyers, vets and even wine makers. She lives in Canada and Australia and recently helped CEO Matt Fowles win an Australian Marketing Institute Award for his wine ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch.’ She also won The Pillar Community Award for Innovation for co-creating The Fairy Godmother Project in Canada.

A one time marketing faculty member of the University of California with a Master’s degree in Adult Education, background as a comic, Outward Bound instructor and now business owner, Louise provides branding and beautifully simple business growth strategies.

You might be interested to know…Louise won four national adult figure skating championships (her flying camel is a sight to behold) and stays active in sports, the community and the arts. She was a team leader for the Vancouver Olympic Committee, an artistic director for The World Transplant Games and she produced Jim Hocking’s play Surfing Vietnam, now a best selling book on Kindle.

PS – Louise is finally comfortable writing about herself in the third person.
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Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch