A Winning Perspective

September 20, 2011

Drum roll please: the winner of the Australian Marketing Institute’s 2011 Award for Marketing Excellence, new product, for the state of Victoria is (I know this is a mouthful but keep reading) Plunkett Fowles’ Ladies who Shoot their Lunch.  Yes, the same folks who won the 2010 Great Australian Wine Shiraz Challenge and the only wine in the world designed to compliment wild game, won another award and I helped. My wife thinks I should rename my company

Last April, I was so impressed by Ladies who Shoot their Lunch that I interviewed CEO Matt Fowles and his team then wrote and spoke about them internationally. I told them to enter Australia’s Marketing Institute Awards. Here’s what happened. Just before the submission was due, Matt emailed and said he wasn’t entering. I emailed back: CALL ME.

Matt, whose entire team has done everything right with their brand, was stuck. You see, you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame, or the label when you are in the bottle. I found the bottleneck. Matt was trying to sound corporate and that was strangling his genius. The game changer was focusing on the essence of the Ladies who Shoot their Lunch brand. It is a personality brand, which has an emotional component that makes it likeable.

Matt had a great story and it needed to be told in the first person with honesty, humour and directness because that is the brand. I wrote and wrote then pressed send.  Further beautiful writing by Matt and tah dah (one of my favourite expressions ) he submitted an application that evoked the brand perfectly and they won. Let’s drink to that. Wait, I already did.


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Louise B. Karch