4 Ways Your Company Can Be Badass Valuable

April 28, 2016

I’m noticing a trend. It’s not the demise of the skinny jean or rise of the wide leg pant.Though as a gal with a wide asset, I’ll take the extra fabric.This is a different bottom line, the quadruple bottom line. The 4P’s are people, profit, planet, and progress.The best and most innovative businesses are succeeding because they’ve chosen this 4P approach.

Niulife gets it. They are breaking the cycle of poverty and replacing it with a circle of prosperity. Niulife gives remote coastal communities in economically impoverished nations a way to harvest extra virgin coconut oil in their back yards, in an hour.

Imagine one machine used by 28 families, some led by single moms, to produce the highest quality, fair trade, organic, sustainable, delicious, good for you coconut oil in the world. See the wild orchards nesting in the crooks of coconut trees encircled by lush rainforest. A single mom sits on the beach with an iPad in her lap. She swipes the screen and manages the business Niulife taught her to run. Llittle ones can go to kindergarten, a key predictor of literacy and numeracy, because families can easily pay in   coconuts – 20 a week. But wait, there’s more (as ads say) the by-products of the harvest are fed to pigs.

In the age of the story, a good story matters. The story that does good is the real gold.





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If it is not your genius it is not your job.
Louise B. Karch