Angel Brand Digs & Wins

March 1, 2011

Was the pirate branding too dark?  If so here is something lighter. The Charleston Parks Conservancy in the U.S. created Park Angels with the help of identity firm Brains On Fire. The goal was to mobilize people to care for 120 neglected parks. Sweet pea, they did it.

When you become a Charleston Park Angel, you receive a welcome kit, an angel number and you even get your wings. That’s right you get a Harley Davidson-esque pin so purposely wow that you’ll show your friends which gets you two talking and more people joining.

Imagination poverty equals boring, broke and kinda lonely. The Gunn Report which compiles the world’s most awarded advertising discovered that 86% of winners were linked to market success.*  Few people buy, join or donate to dull. A great idea married with fab design and a way to connect with others is a brand with balls or… wings. It’s so not about the logo anymore.

Check out Mike Moser’s United We Brand to strengthen your brand and The Brains On Fire book to make it come to life.

*Thanks to Daniel Gregory, the Creative Director of Smart for his comments on The Gruen Transfer.

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