What A Surprise

May 9, 2010

I just received a pristine white envelope with no handwriting, sender’s name, return address or even a clear postmark identifying its city of origin. Curious, I tore  it open. Inside, there was no note or business card only an angel resting on elbows and not one, not two, not three, but four Olympic pins perfectly placed in each corner. Two of the pins even had skating motifs. Super cool as my hipster ‘tween friends would say.

(Confession time: So this envelope arrives and I’m squealing with joy and then it hits me. I’ve only just figured out how to give. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving prezzies and gifts of my time and talent. But I’ve only figured out how to do it without my greedy ego pouting because I’m not acknowledged like a Nobel Prize winner.  I’m no longer the emotional toddler grasping to eat praise like fistfuls of birthday cake. I used to give because it made me feel like someone. Now I give because living generously rocks.  Sure my ego still rises up demanding praise but I’ve learned to sigh, laugh at myself and let the gift go. I just started giving anonymously, which is the ultimate clean giving.)

And now… it’s happened to me and it is lovely.  Whoever you are, you sent a such thoughtful prezzie. Each pin is beautiful and because kindness is some kind of gorgeous, so are you.

Thank you,


Good is no longer good enough. The goal is perfection and the path that takes us there leads to excellence.
Louise B. Karch